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What’s an arrangement between a SugarDaddy and a SugarBaby look like ?

There are different kinds of arrangements between a SugarDaddy and a Sugarbaby . The most common remains a generous man offering gifts and allowance in exchange for the company of his SugarBaby. It depends on the needs of both sides, it's important to talk beforehand so everything is clear.

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You can reset your password HERE. Be sure to input the email address you used to create your account. Tip: Check your spam/junk mail folder if you do not see a prompt password reset email. Occasionally, email providers will automatically mark our messages as spam.

How long does it take for my pictures to be approved ?

It takes a maximum of 48 hours.

Does the site name appear on my credit card statements ?

The site name will appear on your bank statement. A alternate invoicing system is available if you need ensure the confidentiality of your activities at all times.

What’s a SugarBaby ?

A Sugarbaby is usually a young woman who studies and seeks to meet new people to discover their luxurious lifestyle. . In exchange for their company they want to be well treated.

How are our Sugardaddies pre-qualified financially?

All Diamond Sugardaddy applicants are rigorously screened by an external firm that 100% guarantees an applicant’s net worth and income before they appear on the website. This site is for men of means and Houpps prides itself on keeping the standard extremely high through our screening process.

How long does it take for my profile to be approved ?

It takes about 24 hours.

What’s a SugarDaddy ?

A Sugardaddy is a man enjoying professional success who wants a short-term or long-term relationship with a beautiful woman. He is generous and has the means to take care of a woman. He does not want drama and wants everything to be clear and simple between the two parties , which is why he is willing to make an arrangement.

Why my profile is not approved yet?

1. No profile photo for Sugar Baby free account 2. Basic Profile info missing Contact us at if you have any questions

How do I cancel my account ?

Go to Edit your Account, you will find the link at the bottom.

Public photos conditions

Public photos conditions
When uploading a public photo, please follow the rules listed below. Photos that violate the guideline will be denied and your account may be suspended.

Photos can include

Photos must include yourself.

Bottom nose to chin photos.

Partially blurred or masked photos.

Clothed photo of body without your face.

Couple photos, only if you’re present in the photo

Houses, Cars, Yachts are allowed if you’re present in the photo.

Fully covered lingerie, underwear and bikini photos.

Things that are not allowed

It’s important to note that violating the rules below may result in a disabled account or discontinued use, without warning.

Any photos that doesn’t feature yourself.

Photos featuring only lips and hands.

Photos including children.

Nude or sexually explicit photos.

Photos containing or depicting illegal content.

Duplicate photos.

Photos from other members on

Copyrighted photos from any web site.